I’ve had EFT from Ewen for a number of issues and can honestly say it’s been life changing. Initially, you can’t see how some simple tapping is going to make a difference, but it really does. It lifts things, moves them out of the way and you heal. It’s my favourite healing modality because you’re part of it, it’s so simple and because it’s so effective. If you’re considering this an option, go for it. And seriously consider Ewen as your facilitator because he creates that space for you to begin. He makes you feel comfortable, safe and prepared. He is soothing and reassuring, and above all, he’s really good at what he does.

Catherine Chapman Perth Scotland

Over the last month or so, I have had weekly EFT sessions with Ewen. I didn’t know much about EFT when I started, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Mostly because Ewen is a really comfortable person to talk to. He is a good listener and understanding. It also seems like he has a lot of  knowledge about how it is to be a human with all its different challenges.

One of the things I have liked the most during our sessions is that he is more than willingly sharing his knowledge. During the sessions, he explains the EFT process and if something particular comes up, he takes his time to explain he different psychological phenomenas, which I find interesting.

For me, it has been good to have a regular session and Ewen has been flexible when it comes to arranging these. During our sessions, Ewen has been professional and patient. He is a person I trust.

Mariann Lunde Oslo Norway

I felt so good after the EFT I did with Ewen. I was a little confused about some decisions I have to make in life and had some shoulder and back pain. After the session, I felt very relaxed positive and calm. My thoughts were clearer and more focused and the pain in my shoulders and back immediately disappeared. Since the session I feel positive.

I highly recommend working with Ewen.

Ida Camelia Oslo Norway

Dear Ewen,
Thank you so much for the EFT session yesterday.Even though I have trained in EFT Level1,I have have been far from consistent in using this wonderful technique.

Your approach was far better than how I was trained .You used different schools of training and combined them into a very effective method of healing the emotions ,the mental and physical body.
Last night ,I was more relaxed far less restless and I slept  for 6 hours.This is a significant improvement.
I have been tormented by anxieties from the past ,especially childhood experiences.Today, I feel stronger and at peace.My life was ruled by distrust of authority figures and all the pain associated with trust. I have been reflecting on the people I have attracted since the childhood experience and how they reinforced the beliefs that I adopted since childhood.
I didn’t feel a victim but there was a lot of angst.This is now starting to heal now.
thank you again,

Good wishes,

Andree Sanford  London

As a fellow EFT Practitioner, it is necessary that you work through your own issues. This, at times can be difficult alone. Ewen has helped me immensely. He creates a very safe and calm environment, enabling you to tackle your issues in a fast and effectual way.  I can’t thank him enough.

Carolyn London

I received Hypnotherapy and EFT therapy from Ewen to help me with a Dental fear that I had for some years. After 4 sessions I was able to visit the Dentist without any anxiety or fear. Thank you very much Ewen.

Douglas  Gibb  Aberfeldy Scotland




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